Aurora Borealis low cost

Aurora Borealis low cost

Febbraio 12, 2024 0 Di Rocky C.

3 days chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

The Northern Lights, in simple words, are a play of lights, an incredible and fascinating atmospheric phenomenon.

Although visible to the naked eye from our planet, in reality its origins are to be found very far from us, about 150 million kilometers away. In fact, the Northern Lights are triggered by the encounter between the particles (electrons and protons) generated by the sun, the solar wind, and our ionosphere.

Here’s an offer to see it last minute.

Direct flights from Milan to Reykjavik in Iceland

In the month of April, there are direct flights from the Lombardy capital to the Icelandic capital for only 150 euros with the Wizz Air company

3 star hotel including breakfast for only 166 euros

With just over 300 euros it is possible to live a dream and admire this fascinating natural event.