The Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods

Marzo 31, 2024 0 Di Rocky C.


The Path of the Gods is a naturalistic itinerary, which is 8 km long and leads exactly from Bomerano, a hamlet of Agerola, to Nocelle and Positano, one of the most renowned and important tourist locations not only on the Amalfi Coast, where we are located, but on the ‘Whole Italy.



The Path of the Gods does not present particular technical difficulties; the differences in height are irrelevant, and almost everything takes place on a false level. Perhaps the most challenging stretch is the one from Nocelle to Positano: 1700 steps, fortunately downhill, divide these two locations; if you don’t feel like it in Nocelle you can take a shuttle that will take you directly to your destination. Although the path is very wide, in some sections it overlooks ravines without protection, causing some discomfort for those who suffer from vertigo. If you suffer slightly from it, don’t worry: there is enough space to walk in peace.



The Path of the Gods develops entirely along the high ridge of the mountain, passing from an altitude of 650m in Bomerano to 440m in Nocelle. Although it is possible to travel it in both directions, I highly recommend going in the direction of Positano, and this for two reasons.

First of all for the position of the sun in the morning, which, being always behind the mountain, will allow you to walk in the shade, a not irrelevant fact given that the path runs almost entirely in the open. If you are passionate about photography, you will find a perfect light for your photos.

The main reason, however, remains the view: walking with the mountain on the right and the sea on the left you will discover a new and more beautiful landscape at every turn of the ridge.




The signage is very accurate: not only in Bomerano, where the billboards in the square and a large arrow indicate the departure, but also along the route, where it is impossible to get lost between red and white brushstrokes and signs.

A couple of kilometers from the start you find yourself at a crossroads: the sign pointing to the left, with the writing “Positano Praiano Nocelle”, indicates the so-called Via Bassa, while to the right, the strip of white-red ground signs indicates the High Street.



Both panoramic, the high road differs both in terms of a greater difference in altitude and because it skips the crossroads with the Convent of San Domenico and the related town of Praiano. The two roads will rejoin a couple of kilometers later.

For those who want it is possible, from the path to the Convent of San Domenico, to reach the small town of Vettica Maggiore, which you can see right below you. The dome of his church will be one of the first majolica tiles you will see.


A small town with an ancient and genuine flavour, it is a real pearl, which certainly deserves credit to the beauty of the Path of the Gods. Well-kept, quiet, and extremely elegant, Nocelle maintains an aura of peace and serenity among its cobbled streets and stone houses. An atmosphere that has been maintained until now thanks to the absence of a carriage road, built only a few years ago.



How to get to Bomerano (Agerola) to start the Path of the Gods



Getting to Agerola by public transport is not so simple.

If you have your own transport I recommend leaving your car in Bomerano, where you will find a free car park shortly after the square, on the right. Once you arrive in Positano you can follow the Path of the Gods in reverse, or use the ferry to move to a nearby location, such as Amalfi, and from there reach Agerola by bus.

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