Umbria, the green heart of Italy

Umbria, the green heart of Italy

Aprile 9, 2024 0 Di Rocky C.

Nature, culture and good food.



Borgo di Spello


Located in the green heart of Italy, Umbria is a region that enchants with its natural beauty, its thousand-year history and its genuine hospitality. Known as “the green heart of Italy”, Umbria is a destination that offers a variety of experiences for every type of traveller.



The Umbrian region is characterized by breathtaking landscapes, with rolling hills that follow one another, lush valleys and centuries-old woods. An area rich in natural resources, where life flows peacefully among cultivated fields, vineyards and olive groves.

La fioritura di Castelluccio di Norcia


Among the main Umbrian cities, Perugia, the regional capital, stands out with its splendid medieval architecture and its numerous works of art; Assisi, birthplace of Saint Francis, with its imposing basilica and a unique spiritual atmosphere; Spoleto, with its charming historic center and the famous Festival dei Due Mondi; and Orvieto, with its Gothic cathedral and its ancient underground passages.

Cascata delle Marmore

Umbria also boasts a rich food and wine tradition, with high quality products such as the black truffle from Norcia, the extra virgin olive oil from Trevi, the fine wines of Sagrantino and Grechetto. Typical Umbrian dishes, such as torte al testo, porchetta and pasta alla norcina, are appreciated all over the world for their authentic and genuine flavour.



But Umbria is not just nature and gastronomy, it is also culture and history. The region is dotted with enchanting medieval villages, imposing castles and ancient monasteries that tell of centuries of history and traditions.

Norcineria in Umbria



Furthermore, Umbria is an ideal destination for lovers of outdoor activities, with numerous possibilities for excursions, trekking, mountain biking and water sports in the Trasimeno and Piediluco lakes.

In short, Umbria is a region that knows how to win the hearts of anyone who visits it, with its authentic beauty and its magical atmosphere. A place to discover and love, to fully experience art, culture, nature and good food. As the saying goes, “Umbria, the green heart of Italy”.