MSC Caribbean cruise, itinerary and excursions

MSC Caribbean cruise, itinerary and excursions

Febbraio 11, 2024 0 Di Rocky C.
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Advice on excursions to do…

Islands, bays and coral reefs. The Caribbean is an emotion to be experienced following its seductive tropical rhythm. Immerse yourself in an environment where time seems to stop! The time has come for the Caribbean cruise you’ve been longing for. Stroll along the long white sand beaches, enjoy relaxation in the shade of magnificent palm trees and dive into a crystal clear sea full of coral reefs. Our Caribbean cruises reach many dream archipelagos.

MSC Cruises even has its own private island in the Caribbean! This is Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, located in the sensational Western Bahamas. This tropical paradise was designed to offer our guests a super exclusive dream experience in the Caribbean!

Explore the Bahamas or discover the enchantment of Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Follow the sound of the sea waves of Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe or Martinique. Choose a cruise to the Antilles and discover St. Lucia or Barbados, or head south to reach Trinidad and Tobago. Experience the tropical wonders of the Western Caribbean.

Starting from Miami you will experience great adventures in the Caribbean! Get ready to set sail towards dream destinations: from the Bahamas to Jamaica, then the Cayman Islands and Honduras to the coasts of Mexico! Before reaching tropical destinations, take advantage of the opportunity to visit Florida, the splendid cosmopolitan metropolis.

South Beach is world famous and offers Art Deco architecture and famous sights. Miami is perfect for shopping, in particular the Dolphin Mall is an excellent choice. Are you passionate about art? Then the Wynwood Art District is the perfect place for you, with its galleries, museums and renowned street art. Miami is the perfect starting point for your Caribbean cruise!

Ocho Rios – Jamaica

Ochos Rios means, in Spanish, eight rivers, and its waterways, but also its crystalline sea, are its main characteristics, which will not disappoint the expectations of those who decide to undertake a trip to Jamaica to immerse themselves in the lush vegetation of these wonderful dream places.

For excursions I recommend relying on an Italian guy who has lived in Jamaica for about 20 years. You will taste the real local culture. From experience, you can reach the beaches and attractions independently, everything is concentrated in a small space.



Leave the ship for a while and instead venture to one of Jamaica’s most popular natural wonders, Dunn’s River Falls near Ocho Rios, which you’ll reach by coach. The waterfall is fed by spring water with a high concentration of calcium carbonate, which in turn leaves deposits of a rock called travertine. As a result, waterfalls are a living and growing phenomenon. Once you arrive at the falls and after a safety briefing, you will form a human chain and be led by your expert guide up the naturally terraced river bed.

George Town – Cayman

A duty free paradise Disembarking from an MSC cruise ship, the quiet port of George Town welcomes the cruise passenger to the Caymans. The capital of the island and the state is a traditional Caribbean town characterized by wooden and colorful houses that alternate with more recent buildings. Here I recommend relying on the MSC proposal for swimming with stingrays, otherwise you can stay alone on the beaches near the ship.



Why not take advantage of the chance to get up close to the stingrays and observe starfish, two of the most fascinating creatures in the underwater world, in their natural habitat? First you will board an air-conditioned coach to Safe Haven Marina and during the journey the driver will provide you with interesting information about the Cayman Islands. After safety briefings from the boat captain, you will sail to Stingray City, where you will have the chance to feed, swim and interact with these “puppies of the sea” – an unforgettable experience. This will then be followed by Starfish Point, where you can observe these unusual marine creatures, which are actually not fish, but rather close relatives of the sea urchin. The return boat trip to the pier concludes the excursion.

Cozumel – Mexico

The land of swallows

Cozumel is an island 40 km long in front of the coast of Playa del Carmen, and is the destination of many cruises: every day at least a dozen ships dock in the three different ports of the island, all just south of the only city, San Miguel. A holiday in Mexico with MSC Cruises will allow you to visit restaurants, souvenir shops, travel agencies and jewelery shops, all located along the malecón (Avenue Rafael Melgar), in the center of San Miguel. The best excursions are offered by MSC, snorkeling and visiting the Maja ruins of Tulum. In any case, in order to get off the ship you must take a boat made available by the company, then you can go on excursions.



Embark on a visit and adventure to the Caribbean with National Geographic™ Snorkel and enjoy a pleasant day inside the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park. You will relax and enjoy getting to know this Caribbean island paradise. Starting from the ship’s dock, you will sail through the turquoise waters to three distinct reef points, where you will experience three different snorkeling adventures around the vessel.

Nassau – Bahamas

During an MSC cruise in the Caribbean Sea you will visit Nassau which occupies the eastern part of the island of New Providence and is joined by a bridge to the fascinating Paradise Island, where the Atlantis Waterscape is located, the largest outdoor aquarium in the world, with more than 100 different species of colorful tropical fish, here you can interact with dolphins and go on exciting motorboat excursions to the nearby islands. The historic center of Nassau can boast charming colonial-style buildings and numerous pastel-colored wooden shops that alternate with Georgian-style buildings, but to experience the local lifestyle, take a trip to Cable Beach, where you can admire the fantastically colored “Bahamian Riviera”, just 5 km west of the city: golden sand and the center of lively nightlife. In addition to the casino, much appreciated by gamblers, one of the attractive elements of a holiday in Nassau is the possibility of doing low-cost shopping.



I recommend using the excursion made available by MSC, but if you want, once you get off the ship you can opt to use local services to reach the Blue Lagoon.

Spend the day enjoying one of the most secluded beaches in the Bahamas on the famous Blue Lagoon Island. Sail on a large ferry across the picturesque Nassau Harbor, past the luxury homes on Paradise Island, and to this private island to relax on its tranquil shores. Lie back and sunbathe in a comfortable lounge chair on the beach, swim in the clear waters, relax in a hammock in the shade of swaying palm trees. Savor your lunch in a relaxed and panoramic setting. For an additional fee, have fun in all ways, go shopping, sip tropical cocktails at the bar or rent a kayak, jet ski or pedal boat to explore the lagoon. A trip to Blue Lagoon Island is not complete without a visit to the American Human Certified Facility to observe the incredible local dolphins, California sea lions, nurse sharks and American stingrays in their natural ocean habitat.


If you want to limit yourself to visiting the most famous places in Miami Beach, just move on foot or by bus. On an MSC Caribbean cruise, most people spend their time on South Beach, a relatively small area at the south end of the bay, where you’ll find some of Florida’s leading art galleries, trendy restaurants, and many of the most famous clubs. Further north, Central Miami Beach is where the stars of the 1950s frequented, enjoying the sun and building the place’s glamorous reputation for years to come. Surprisingly, few tourists pass by Miami Beach, thus missing one of the most seductive parts of the city.

In Miami you are spoiled for choice, visit the city, go to the beach, take a tour of the everglades. Here too, in addition to the excursions made available by the company, everything can be organized independently. you are spoiled for choice. (N.B. I didn’t even see a crocodile in the Everglades)



This tour is aimed at discovering a part of Florida that has remained virtually unchanged for several millennia. Aboard an airboat you can roam the vast swampy area known as the Everglades that occupies the southern part of the state. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take great photos as you make your way through the primeval mangroves, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you might even spot some fascinating wildlife. The return to the ship is preceded by some free time to take a look at the local souvenir shop.

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico

San Juan is one of the most popular cruise destinations, with many of the ships docking at the Old Town Pier. In 1970, Old San Juan (Viejo San Juan) was something of a relic of the past, a collection of colonial ruins as small as the great empire that built them. Today, however, after a long and careful restoration, this small neighborhood is considered one of the best examples of colonial Spanish architecture, so much so that it has entered the list of monuments considered a World Heritage Site.



A walk in old San Jaun that you can do independently, reach El Morro and have lunch in some typical place. It feels like taking a step back in time.

The charming streets of Old San Juan, located on a peninsula overlooking the Caribbean Sea, are perfect for exploring on foot, which this tour gives you ample opportunity to do. Accompanied by your guide, you will walk up La Princesa Boulevard, through the San Juan Gate, followed by a photo stop and water break at the Rogativa monument, honoring the Puerto Rican women who thwarted a British invasion in 1797. The place also offers a splendid view of San Juan Bay, the nearby 16th century Fortaleza and the governor’s private residence. Afterwards, we will continue our journey to Fort San Felipe del Morro, also known as El Morro, perched on the tip of the promontory. Built in the 16th century, the impressive fortress features six different lines of defense, including a water battery tower and casemate cannons. After taking a look around, we move on to the adjacent area of ​​the Ballajá barracks and then to the totem dedicated to the indigenous Taíno people in the Plaza del Quinto Centenario. Right next door is San José Square and its white-fronted church, a jewel of Spanish Gothic architecture completed in 1735.

Porto Plata – Dominican Republic



Spending a day in this water park is truly worth it, attractions, shows, flora and fauna for adults and children. Advised.

As one of the largest artificial dolphin habitats in the world, Ocean World is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the port of Puerto Plata. Travelers with a day pass have the opportunity to snorkel in our Tropical Reef Aquarium, learn about marine mammals, feed exotic tropical birds, walk through a tropical rainforest and attend all shows, including the Dolphin Show , the Sea Lions Show and the Tropical Bird Show (weather permitting). Guests will also have free access to the dolphin lagoon beach, as well as the freshwater oasis located at the Pirate’s Pool, deck chairs and much more! The fun continues with unlimited access to the thrilling water slides.


Discover our new and exclusive Bahamian destination: Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

Here you can live a unique experience immersed in an authentic Caribbean marine reserve, to connect with the natural world, feel the warmth of the Bahamian spirit in an ecological environment. Ocean Cay offers guests over 2 miles of white sand beaches to stretch out and relax near the crystal clear water and also offers day and night activities for all ages. The ship docks right on the island, so you can reach one of the many beaches and once you arrive, you will find deckchairs, umbrellas and cabanas to make you comfortable. Spend the day snorkeling, paddle boarding, jet skiing and more, or indulge in wellness and relaxation at the Ocean Cay Spa featuring beachside massages and a variety of other treatments.



On MSC’s private island you can do what you want, go on an excursion, stay all day in the Caribbean sun, eat, drink and have fun. I only recommend purchasing a ticket for the sunbed and umbrella to be able to shelter from the sun every now and then.

On the island it is like staying on the ship, services, eating and drinking included in the packages. Part of the Lucayan Archipelago, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is made up of several larger islands and hundreds of small bays, one of which is Ocean Cay. Named for its most prominent beach feature, the islet is surrounded by the Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, the perfect setting for snorkeling in the Bahamas. All snorkeling equipment will be provided. Important: Tour operation is subject to sea and wind conditions.