Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo or Sacred Forest

Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo or Sacred Forest

Aprile 19, 2024 0 Di Rocky C.

One of the most enigmatic creations of the Renaissance.

Orco delle favole di Bomarzo

The Bomarzo Monster Park, located in the province of Viterbo in Italy, is one of the most fascinating and mysterious attractions in the country. Created in the 16th century by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, this park is a unique place in the world where you can admire stone and marble sculptures representing mythological creatures, fantastic animals and anthropomorphic figures.

Elefante nel bosco sacro

The Monster Park was designed as a secret garden, a place where Prince Orsini could escape from reality and give vent to his imagination. The sculptures, created by local artists, represent a true labyrinth of beauty and strangeness, reaching towards the unknown and inconceivable.

Among the most famous works in the park are the gigantic elephant with a tower on its back, the head of a giant sunk into the earth, the dragon stumbling on a sphere and the winged lion holding a column. Each sculpture has a symbolic meaning and arcane interpretations, which still today arouse great curiosity and admiration.

Casa pendente

The Monster Park of Bomarzo is a magical and enigmatic place, which enchants and fascinates visitors of all ages. Walking through its streets amidst lush nature and surreal sculptures is a unique experience that leaves an indelible mark in the memory of those who visit it.

drago nel parco

The park is open to the public all year round and offers the possibility of organizing guided tours and special events, such as concerts and theatrical performances. Furthermore, in the surroundings of the park there are numerous restaurants and farmhouses where you can taste the traditional cuisine of the region.

Tartaruga parco Bomarzo

The Bomarzo Monster Park is an extraordinary place that embodies human creativity and limitless imagination. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit it cannot help but be fascinated by the beauty and majesty of these unique works in the world. A trip to the Monster Park is a journey into fantasy and mystery, an experience that will remain imprinted in the hearts of anyone who visits it.

One of the most famous figures in the park is the “Colossus”, a giant statue of a man holding a terraqueous globe, while of the most mysterious parts of the park is the “Mouth of Truth”, a giant mouth located on the ground that appears swallow anyone who enters it.

The park has inspired numerous artists and writers, including Salvador Dalí and Mario Praz, and has been defined by some as a place of “purification of the soul”, where visitors can confront their deepest fears and desires.