DiscoverEU, free travel tickets for new adults

DiscoverEU, free travel tickets for new adults

Aprile 20, 2024 0 Di Rocky C.

Get ready to explore Europe!


DiscoverEU is a European Union initiative that offers young Europeans the opportunity to travel across Europe to discover the cultural diversity of the continent. The program was launched in 2018 and has seen thousands of young people participate in unique and unforgettable experiences.



iscoverEU’s aim is to promote the mobility of young Europeans and enable them to explore new cultures, languages ​​and traditions. During their trip, participants can visit different cities and countries, participate in cultural events and make new friends. Furthermore, the program offers young people the opportunity to learn how to organize a trip independently, managing the budget and planning travel.

Europe awaits you. Take the first step!


Link to join the program:

To participate in DiscoverEU, young Europeans must be at least 18 years old and citizens of the European Union. They can apply for an Interrail pass, which will allow them to travel by train across Europe for up to 30 days. Winners are selected through an online application process, in which they must answer questions about their motivations for participating in the program and their travel expectations.


Those who had the opportunity to participate in DiscoverEU welcomed the experience with enthusiasm and were able to fully reap the benefits of this trip. Many young people said they had learned a lot about Europe’s cultural and social diversity, improving their awareness and appreciation of differences.

In conclusion, DiscoverEU offers young Europeans a unique opportunity to explore the continent, meet new people and enrich their knowledge of the world. It is a program that promotes diversity, inclusion and youth mobility, helping to create a generation of European citizens who are aware and open to the world.